How Jingle Session Singers Earn Big Money

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The real industry secrets for session singers:

  • Training DVDs that offer industry secrets are fake
  • Great singers with worst attitude flunk
  • Never accept NO as a response

The world of jingles is full of transient session singers. There are many who mysteriously make it big in a snap and suddenly, they disappear. But there are those who, out of luck, in sheer determination, positive attitude, and smart strategies, earn thousands if not millions of dollars in singing commercial themes, radio and TV broadcast station IDs and corporate jingles.

So how do these fortunate session singers really do it?

Actually, you have read them already in the first paragraph. It does not include, however, purchasing a training resource – those CDs or DVD kits that promises to provide you some “industry secrets” in session singing. If you are budding session singer, or a sophomore commercial crooner who has not been in a studio for a while now since last project, here are some refreshers.

Attitude is the middle of professionalism. If the company hires that session singer again and again, that is an indication of a positive attitude.

Money is motivator, passion for work is a fuel. When you set out yourself for a jingle project, ask yourself about what you can give to the client and to the agency.

It’s all in the packaging. Sometimes, pure talent is not enough. You need kick-ass strategies that even the most brilliant session singer will be put to shame. The secret is to make a killer demo. In fact, the demo should be a “product” not just a “sample”.

Keep pushing. You will never know when luck strikes you. Never cease in submitting your demos to jingles and production companies. Call, email, and follow up until there is a positive response. Remember, that a “NO” is not a rejection, it is simply a reply that means “NOT YET NOW”. So, keep pressing on.

The Jingle Darling Emily McIntosh, one of America’s most sought after session singers for jingle companies, is pretty busy this month of August with a streak of concert guestings and shows in Washington and in Oregon. Check out Emily’s schedules on her MySpace.

RadioJingles featured Emily in two articles:

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