New from M-Edge Productions: KDWB 2008

M-Edge Productions, Dallas, Texas www.m-edgeproductions.comThe buzz is out in the Radio Industry! Producer, Tony Valdez, founder of N2 Effect, has teamed up with a lean, mean, music machine comprised of some of the country’s leading producers. Together they are launching M-EDGE PRODUCTIONS in 2008. Keep your eyes and ears peeled because the stuff is gonna be hot! M-Edge Productions will be providing music imaging and sound design for radio stations around the world. Other services will include Spots for TV and Radio, video game and internet music, movie trailers, and artist development and remixes.

Recently, M-Edge launched the KDWB 2008 jingle package along with two monster CHR packages for Star 94 and KRBE Houston and spicy hot IDs for two La Kalle stations in Dallas and Fresno. KDWB gets an update with new Solo IDs. Check out all the cuts below.

KDWB 2008 Official Demo(

KDWB 2008 Preview(

KDWB Solo Add-Ons (

Star 94 2008 (

KRBE Houston 2008 (

The inauguration day is yet to be announced, but you can join the new Jingle Imaging Revolution by adding M-Edge on your MySpace. Get the Edge now, with M-Edge Productions. M-Edge Productions is available in Europe through Music and Images.

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