Kissville August Update

At the start of August Kissville clients all over the world were downloading their latest cuts aswell as productions beds and sweep ids.

News Bed 003 – This one is really awesome, cos as well as lots of beds, underscores and stabs, we’ve done sum mixes that sing your station name too! you may not want to use them, but they’re there just in case. check em out, and get your branding on the bits of authority on your station!!! This’ll work nicely in a sequence with the sports bed……

Sports Bed 001 – With the football season about to start in the states… and the soccer/football season starting now in Europe… this could be useful for ya. And if you don’t run sports updates… use it for entertainment, or a show theme, or promos, anything! the lite mix is really subtle as well. this bed works well in a sequence with the news bed.

Theme 039 – Urban/RnB inspired jingle with 12″ ramp up to the vocals. Of course there’s slogan, shotgun, drum and nano mixes as well.

Transition 001 – this is new category for us. we’ve done transitions before, but never actually called them that in the file names! this one is fast to slow… the slogan mix is the main bit we worked on, but then we got a ramp and a shotgun outta it too! should be great from getting out of the up-tempo stuff into ballads or the slower urban stuff. we’ll do the reverse version soon!

Kissville August 2008 Update | 4.25MB – 1:51

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