IQ’s RMF FM Custom

IQBeats’ latest custom from European radio has hit their site. RMF FM, based in Poland, plays a dynamic AC playlist and went to IQ for their new jingle package.

The European customs continue to fly off the shelves with this new bespoke effort for RMF FM in Krakow. Broadcasting nationally throughout Poland as the most popular station, the brief was to craft 20 custom cuts that are each “mini hit songs” in a mere 12 seconds in length or less… All just as varied as RMF’s dynamic AC playlist.

With short transitions and even shorter mixes complimented by each theme having a logo mix with it’s own instrumental lead instrument, their new package is even more potent than a bottle of Luksusowa!

RMF FM 2008 from IQBeats | 5.1MB – 3:44

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