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Krash Creative Client Spotlight September 2008Krash Creative Solutions is often asked by customers to share some of the great radio imaging that they are creating around the country. Customers are not only looking for creative ideas, but inspiration.

A client spotlight email sent to Clients around the world is meant to be exactly that: Inspiration

Every month Krash Creative focuses on different client stations from around the country in all formats and share with you some of the great things these stations have been doing on the air. Krash hopes these spotlights provide inspiration to you in your creative writing, and generate better ideas for better imaging.

There is no such thing as “Too Much Great Imaging.”

Rocking Northern California with The Kat!

Client Spotlight: KATM FM Modesto, CA
Program Director: Randy “Bubba” Black
Voice: John WillyardKatCountry 103 has been the #1 station in Modesto & Stockton California for 30+ straight Arbitron Books. That’s a long time! At their core is a passion for radio entertainment, and dynamic imaging.The Limo Lunch Giveaway is a promotion on The Kat that rewards at work listening with a free lunch for you and your office. You get picked up in a limo at work by a Kat personality and taken to a local eatery for lunch! It’s been a great way to create listener passion for The Kat brand.

From The Big Sky Of Montana Country Comes The Bear

ImageClient Spotlight: KDBR Kalispell, MT
Program Director: John Michaels
Voices: James Gammon

If your nominating best sounding small market radio stations in America, KDBR has to be at the top of that list. The owners (Bee Broadcasting) make substantial investments in their on air sound with great sounding DJ’s and incredible voice over and production talents.

The voice of this imaging montage is James Gammon – One of many voices The Bear uses, and a legendary voice talent in his own right. The directions were for a movie trailer type sound with Big Sky Production.

Storytellers – Country Legends 107.5

ImageClient Spotlight: KKAT FM Salt Lake City, UT
Program Director: Ed Hill
Voiceover: CC McCartney

Country Legends is one of many country stations in Salt Lake City – which happens to have more country stations in it’s DMA than any other market we’re aware of.

Country Legends differentiates itself with a unique voice talent (CC McCartney) and a friendly, colloquial sound evoking feelings of friendship, rather than the loud & proud sound that so many other stations take.

The artists are king here, and KKAT uses their promo time to tell you all about your favorite artists and why they matter today. George Jones was a recent subject, and we thought you’d enjoy hearing it.

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