Holiday Themes on ReelWorld ONE

This month of November, ReelWorld ONE serves Holiday jingle themes with a twist. Check out the updates for CHR, AC, and Country flavors. As usual, hot new production tools, workparts, and beatmixes are up.

This month on ONE CHR are two new themes, Knee Oh and IceIceBABY. Knee Oh is a Ne-Yo inspired theme (Miss Independent) sprinkled with a Holiday feel. And IceIceBaby is a pounding Electro theme, but don’t be confused with the name. There’s nothing Vanilla about this baby.

Served on ONE AC is  “Yule See Magic”,  a great way to start the Holidays! This theme is available in two versions: the Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays sings. Also with ONE Country is a dazzling Christmas theme called HollyDaze. It’s also available in two versions: a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays sing.

ReelWorld ONE November 2008 Montage

Download Montage 3.9 MB

Of course, don’t forget to check out the latest load ups of produced IDs, logo stingers, drones, logo workparts, beatmixes, and logo segues. Hit now.

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