Christmas Freebies from TM Studios

Download 170 Holiday production beds absolute free. That’s right, free! Nothing to buy, no strings attached. Also, you’ll find FREE Downloads of those great custom sung Mannheim Steamroller tunes for KISS, Lite Love, Kool, Magic, Mix, and more…

Chris Stevens, Creative Director for TM Studios says, ”
We’ve put a whole load of seasonal production music online for anyone to download and use. The tracks are all fairly traditional (ie not overly modern/contemporary), with great production values and the feel-good factor that Christmas demands. As well as beds, there’s a load of stagers and alo song intro elements for some of the most popular station names.

There’s no charge. No fee. No catch. We’re doing it because they’re in our catalogue and it’d be a shame not to use them, and also because it gives people the chance to check out our other products (seasonal and otherwise) that we have.

It’s the season of giving – so that’s exactly what we’re doing!”

Download these free Holiday beds now at

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