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This month saw the launch of a new category to Pure Tonic’s Radio Beds service, FEEL GOOD. With memberships growing rapidly we aim to keep the content of this service up to date, fresh and relevant to our users. So, due to popular demand this category has been introduced containing bright, accessible, up-tempo production music for use in Imaging, Commercials and Programming.

In addition, it’s that time of year again when the sun has stopped shining and the cold has set in, meaning just around the corner is the festive season which seems to come earlier and earlier each year. To help stations glitter up for the party season we will be adding Christmas music to the TOPICAL category on November 24th.

Smash Hits Chart

Smash Hits Radio has had a Pure Tonic imaging makeover! The new package contains various IDs, Positioners and Top of Hour sequences. You can hear it online at and hear the demo at

Santas Sack of Sounds

Following the success of last years Christmas package, Pure Tonic are pleased to be able to offer Santa’s Sack of Sounds FREE, for a second year running to all UK Radio Stations with a valid PRS license.

This library contains everything UK radio stations will need to image Christmas creatively, from Beds and Idents to Promo Shells and Sound Design. Contact Suzanne for more, but here’s a demo.

Santa’s Sack of Sounds | 1:54 – 3.47MB | Download

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