Kalle FM is Hot! Latin CHR Imaging from M-Edge

KALLE-FM is Hot! The West Coast is heating up with the sounds of M-Edge these days! Check out KALLE FM on our listen page…the full demo is ready for download. Our friends at Univision wanted this package sung totally in Spanish. Careful don’t get incinerated!

Kalle FM brings you the best imaging for your Latin Rhythm or CHR “with a Latin twist” format. Univision’s KLLE-FM was on the hunt for the most innovative and cutting-edge imaging for Latin Radio. The answer was M-Edge! This package will give your station a sound that will pop out of the radio like no other. The vocals, music, sfx and production are all top notch. Pkg consists of: 16 themes, 38 main cuts, plus tons of cool versions. Optional Imaging kit: 10 solo add-ons & 3 extra mixouts of each bed and specialty cut.

Kalle FM 2008

Download Here

Coming Soon!

KUDD-FM Mix 107-9: Salt Lake City’s own Millcreek Broadcasting / KUDD-FM is slated to get the Edge. Their package will boast 15 themes of hip, contemporary and fresh imaging! Have your gym bag handy…KUDD Mix 107-9 is gonna make you pee your pants. Stay tuned it’s coming VERY SOON!

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La Kalle 2008 Latin Rhythmic CHR imaging preview is now the M-Edge website. Log on to www.M-EdgeProductions.com now!

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