PURE Jingles for The Voice Denmark

The Voice jingles for Denmark from PURE JinglesIf you’re looking for one those jingle companies who just seem to clone each previous jingle package that they’ve made, you are definitely at the wrong address. One company does whatever it takes to make your station sound original and unique, to make it stand out from the crowd. PURE Jingles presents an intense collaboration with radio station — The Voice in Denmark.

Also up are new jingle packages for 3FM, Radio Norge, and NRJ France. PURE Jingles is also proud to bring your the Prod God, Dave Foxx, as the new demo voice.

When you’re looking for that PURE WOW-factor. Visit www.PUREJingles.com. More PURE Jingles coming soon, be ready to be WOWed!

The Voice Denmark Demo Fall 2008

3FM Demo Fall 2008

NRJ France Demo Fall 2008

Radio Norge Demo Fall 2008

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