Johnny Hooper Says Hello!

Johnny Hooper has written to us to say ‘HELLO’ and that he’s still out there!

This year he’s been busy with RadioScape Music as usual, syndicating resings with other Dallas companies and, with JAM, he has written 5 new cuts for KOST. 2009 is already looking promising for Johnny – he hopes to be recording the UK at some point!

3 Responses

  1. GLEN says:

    Glad to hear it!!!

  2. Admin says:

    Johnny Hooper’s creations are classic. I’m excited to hear these new jingles for KOST.

  3. Len Groat says:

    Hello Johnny!

    Great to see you are still busy singing and writing…

    I still get nostalgic about all those Dallas trips in the ‘golden days’ of British local radio.. and remember you and Debbie singing for us at Alfa!

    I’m having yet another ‘new life’ and now living in Portugal, if you ever get here come and see us!

    Very best seasonal wishes


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