Resfaction Effects ’09 from Pedro Cintra

Resfaction Effects 2009Pedro Cintra Productions is becoming a legend in Brazil when it comes to production libraries. The introduction of the RESFACTION EFFECTS some years ago took the world’s radio stations by storm.

And now in 2009, the same library that propelled radio stations to the top is now back with more! Put your hands together now for RESFACTION EFFECTS III – production elements, FX, beeps, and sounds yet to be named arehere in this package.

Resfaction Effects 2009 Demo

Already on air on Kiss FM, Jovem Pan, Alpha, Energy 97 and recently featured in the DJ Sounds Awards of 2008 in Brazil.

Call now to secure your own copy (35) 9141 0587 (Brazil) or through our e-mail or on our MSN: Or visit the website at

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