LITEhouse Jingles Shine in Cleveland and Kansas City

LITEhouse, the world’s first continually updating AC jingle service, is now on the air in Cleveland and Kansas City, and is signing up new clients every week, with AC leaders WDOK Cleveland and KUDL Kansas City among the recent converts.

Thom McGinty, Operations Manager for Entercom in Kansas City, said:

“We love LITEhouse. The singers are crisp and clean, the seasonal update packages are awesome so keep it coming!!”

Ted Kowalski at WDOK also loves his new audio, adding:

“Thanks so much for all your hard work… The jingles sound excellent on the radio. Even the most jaded of our staff likes them a lot!”

A spokesperson for Vineyard Sound Studios, which produces LITEhouse, said:

“We’re really excited that WDOK and KUDL have joined us. Both stations are incredibly successful, and we feel honored to be their jingle supplier.“

LITEhouse can be heard across the USA and beyond, with new jingles supplied every quarter to every station, along with monthly production beds. Other high-profile stations using LITEhouse include KVIL in Dallas and WRAL in Raleigh-Durham. LITEhouse also has clients in Canada, Europe, and the Middle

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