Moment in History. Obama Package from M-Edge

In the dawn of a new era, and at the forefront of a moment in history that will echo in every corner of our planet for centuries to come, M-Edge Productions brings you this historic imaging package. Join in as the entire world celebrates a defining moment for humanity.

We are living an experience that transcends political views, it is an experience that encapsulates the dreams, the hopes and the possibilities of a people. It is a giant leap for the world.

This package is a remix of the La Kalle 2008 package and it features 15 Themes that image not a political view but rather focuses on the “MOMENT IN HISTORY”. Some themes include soundbites of President Barack Obama that will make this package a treasure for the ages.

This package has not been linked to from the M-Edge homepage yet, but click here for an exclusive listen to the package and download the lyric sheet.

Moment in History | 5.5MB – 6:00

You can get this package in 2 ways:
1. Off-the-shelf. As an “Obama” imaging package
2. As a resing. NOTE: Any station that purchase a resing, also get the “Obama” version

What are you waiting for? Contact Tony at M-Edge Productions ASAP and get this on your station before your competitor does.

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