2 World Class Stations, 1 Production Company

RadioJinglesPRO.com, NJOY 89.5 Thailand, Radio 1 GreeceTwo world class radio stations are convinced and agree that quality does not need to be expensive! 89.5 NJOY Thailand and Radio 1 Greece recently went to RadioJinglesPRO.com and asked for the same thing – a MEGA station ID package that works, prints, and wins! RadioJinglesPRO.com delivered! Each station received a package complete with all the necessary tools, workparts, and extra mixouts.

DJ Kirk of Radio 1 Greece (www.radio1.gr) says, “I must admit I was really impressed by the quality of your job!!!”.

DJ Pong of NJOY FM Thailand (www.895njoy.com) exclaimed, ” Wow, cool package! Thanks, we love it very much!”.

The two guys were so convinced that DJ Kirk of Radio 1 wanted an immediate follow up. DJ Pong even recommended a radio friend to us. Log on to RadioJinglesPRO.com right now, listen to the demos, click on the contact page and find out how you can get a cutting edge ID package without bleeding your budget.

NJOY Thailand & Radio 1 Greece Get New IDs from RadioJinglesPRO.com

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