The Sound Freqz Vol. 1 Giveaway

Sound Freqz Vol. 1 Free GiveawayJoe D’Agostin of D’Agostin Productions and producer of the Sound Freqz Radio imaging library is always keeping up with the current pulse of radio imaging effects. To do this JD is always listening to what clients want, and more importantly what they’ve had enough of.

“I try to keep my tracks exciting and a little ahead of the curve without alienating the radio audience. I’m like a sponge, always absorbing everything that I hear around me, as well as listening to what producers are looking for in true, useable radio imaging effects”, Joe D’Agostin.

In the ongoing effort to listen to real world feedback from producers, in order to keep things fresh, we would like to ask our audience a few questions and in return JD together with RadioJingles will be giving away a copy of Sound Freqz Vol.1. This is a great opportunity to be a part of this interactive survey with JD. Tell us what you would like to hear in a package and enter a chance to win a great library!

  1. With so many radio imaging libraries out there what makes an imaging library stand out to you?
  2. Do you still find smaller “Boutique Style Libraries” relative in this new world of subscription downloads?
  3. Do you feel that radio imaging effects are sounding the same?
  4. Are you ready for some new experimental radio effects that could break away from the norm?

D’Agostin Productions will continue to release new volumes of the Sound Freqz series as an ongoing library. There are a few on the way and more in the works. We thank you for your time. Simply send your answers to The winner will be randomly chosen and announced here on Monday February 23rd.

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