Janet Ault Voices Reader’s Digest Podcast

Janet Ault Voices Reader's Digest PodcastReader’s Digest, the world’s leading family-general interest magazine, has started a monthly tradition that has become a helping tool both for the blind and the voiceover actors – a podcast that allows hearing-challenged followers to listen to the magazine’s articles and voiceover actors to contribute their skills.

On February, Digest chose high calibre female voice provider Janet Ault. She was picked by Julie Williams. Ault expressed that it was such as honor to be featured in the podcast. This latest project is just an addition to her ever growing portfolio that includes radio imaging, e-learning, narration, promos and voiceovers for TV and commercials. Her list of radio imaging clients include Z100, WRBS, and B106 Idaho.

Listen to her voice demo below or log on to www.janetault.net.

Janet Ault Radio Imaging Demo

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