S2Blue Resings PAMS & JAM for ’70s Show

S2Blue Resings PAMS and JAM Jingles for 70s ShowS2Blue is proud to unveil the latest jingles for Radio 2’s “Sounds of the 70s” show. The show epitomises the whole 70’s era and classic PAMS & JAM jingles lend an authentic sound to the imaging. Select cuts were taken from JAM’s Dance To The Music and PAMS’ Clyde package.

Earlier, S2Blue re-sung PAMS jingles for the show’s host Pirate Johnnie Walker, the cuts of which were taken from Series 27 and Series 18. The S2Blue team shared a video of the vocal session for the jingles used on Johnnie Walker’s show.

Vocal Session for Pirate Johnnie Walker Jingles

BBC Radio 2’s Sounds of the 70s Jingles

Pirate Johnnie Walker PAMS Resings

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2 Responses

  1. Mike B. says:

    There’s also one cut from JAM’s Pro/Mod.

  2. Fred Hart says:

    Interesting to hear how they fit in with the main package, using the current Radio 2 logo.

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