New TM Studios jingles for Minster FM

Minster FM in York has rebranded its station sound with a very unique version of TM Studios’ Kingdom FM jingle package, and they’re delighted with their new jingle package!

David Green, Minster’s Programme Controller explains:

“We loved the sound of the Kingdom FM package; the tracks match our music perfectly. However, Minster’s heritage melody is the “Kiss FM” logo, and we were keen to bring this back to the station. We enquired whether the package could be re-logoed and TM Studios couldn’t have been more helpful!

“In fact, not only did they re-record every track for us, they also sourced a great solo singer for our cuts, and supplied more mixes than you could ever imagine. The result is really incredible; one of the strongest sets of jingles ever heard on Minster. Thanks TM!”

All eight themes and six instrumentals were remixed, and can now be heard across Yorkshire on 104.7 Minster FM, including specific cuts for breakfast, drivetime, weekends and even a jingle for station competition winners.

104.7 Minster FM 2009 from TM Studios | 1:55 – 1.75MB

TM Studios are now offering the Kingdom FM package with either the original 5-note Kingdom logo, or the 3-note Kiss FM logo. The original package is on the air across the world, including the UK, Ireland, France, the USA and Japan.

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  1. keereel says:

    I like it. Start of cut 4 is good. 🙂

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