JAM Turn Me Up

JAM Creative Productions is proud to present a series of Hot-AC jingles which you’ll want to turn up loud – introducing Turn Me Up. The tracks are bright, designed to stand up to (and stand out from) the music around them so that your identity never gets lost. There are formatic cuts for every part of your hour, which keep the energy going without getting in the way of your air talent.

Log on to www.jingles.com and listen to the individual cuts of the package.

Turn Me Up Demo (Copyright JAM Creative Productions, Dallas, Texas, USA, www.jingles.com)

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6 Responses

  1. Len Groat says:

    These really are just SUPERB jingles – crisp, clear and melodic.

    Jingles only ‘work’ for a radio station if you can hum them and remember them, and these are instantly hummable!

    Thank goodness there is still Jon Wolfert and JAM making ‘jingles’ as compared to the ‘short pieces of music’ with screechy, unclear vocals, and a HIGH last note most of the other companies churn out!

  2. joost says:

    that is a lot of crap

  3. Jingle Monkey says:

    I agree with Len to a certain degree…this package is crisp, clear and has some great vocals!

    However, somebody really needs to tell JAM this is 2009 NOT 1989!

  4. applejack says:

    cool jingle for sure….however, I do agree with Jingle Monkey it’s the wrong decade 🙁

  5. mjb1124 says:

    I think the only problem with this jingle package is that it’s being marketed towards Hot AC stations. It definitely doesn’t gel with where that format is going these days. But this package DOES sound very much in line with the more “contemporary” jingle companies’ mainstream (non-Hot) AC output – only with far superior vocals and melodies.

  6. Sidra says:

    Though there are some problems with jingles packages counted but the facts remain at head as jingles are most important thing for any commercial’ promotion.m agree that Jingles really indicate the talent for any radio ad that a producer going to produce.

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