New updating Newstalk jingle package from TM Studios

The new sound of newstalk radio has been unveiled by TM Studios… and it’s Impact News.

The history…
TM changed the sound of newstalk in America with Juggernaut Plus, radio’s biggest ever newstalk package, loved by the country’s biggest stations including KABC, WBAP, KDKA, WPRO, WCCO, WBBM and many more.

Juggernaut Plus is more popular than ever, with quarterly updates and full MPowerMix layer technology. It can be heard in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, South America and beyond. And now it has a stablemate… Impact News.

The package…
Impact News is more than a jingle package. It’s a statement to your audience. It identifies you as the station to trust, the station to turn to, and the station to believe. It’s contemporary yet still traditional. It fuses horns with cool new beats. It stamps your name on your output without getting in the way of your hosts. It’s the sound you need.

Written by Bruce Upchurch, and already on air at KRLD-AM, Impact News lives up to it’s name. Available to be customised with your musical logo, and market exclusive. Listen to the package and you’ll hear why you don’t want your competitors getting hold of it.

Kurt Johnson, KRLD-AM: TM worked with us every step of the way on Impact News and I’m completely delighted with the results. It’s big, it’s important, it’s just the signature sound we want for NewsRadio 1080. TM Studios always comes through for me.

The future…
Just like your station’s news agenda, Impact News continues to evolve. With monthly updates for topical events and to continually keep the package sounding fresh, Impact News is a one-of-a-kind imaging package. Make sure you’re part of the future… now!

All cuts can be heard at

Impact News 2010 from TM Studios

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