99.7 EZ Rock gets Heart

IQ Beats are pleased to announce the debut of 99.7 EZ ROCK (CJOT) in Ottawa rolling out with their Heart Network 2 jingle package as their imaging choice. They went for pretty much the entire lot and even commissioned jingles for their morning programming!

IQ Beats: Thanks to all involved with the production of the package – It was great working with you!

Here’s from the official press release of the 99.7 EZ ROCK debut:

OTTAWA, May 27, 2010 – Astral today unveiled 99.7 EZ ROCK as the National Capital Region’s new “At Work” radio station – designed by women, for women. The best soft rock and pop rock music from the past five decades is the sizzle behind its Mainstream Adult Contemporary format. 99.7 EZ ROCK promises more uninterrupted music flow. It’s currently the only radio station in Canada broadcasting continuous 99-Minute Music Mixes during the work day. At the same time, 99.7 EZ ROCK offers more music variety and lots of fun. All of which is packed into a highly interactive experience customized for women in Ottawa.

Check out a montage of the cuts.

99.7 EZ Rock Ottawa 2010 from IQ Beats

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  1. Amazing, sounds better than Hearts Package!

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