Maximum Q by Brandy

Q-music, one of Europe’s strongest radio brands for years, has gotten a complete on air makeover. Brandy – the branding company consulted and created this restyling. The jingle package consists of 36 basic cuts and took 3 months of work, together with the Q-music branches in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Imaging is an important tool for Q-music. It’s a key element in the station’s goal to stay fresh and to surprise its listeners every day over and over again. The new jingle package had to build on the solid foundation of the Q-branding, had to focus less on noisy sound effects and had to be super musical. The rock solid sonic Q-logo was kept and a tight musical spectrum was chosen.

The result is a varied and very functional package. It could possibly be the beginning of a new direction in European CHR-imaging.
Maximum Q consists of 2 volumes, 36 cuts all together: 16 jingles & 5 service beds and a package of 10 short ID’s and 5 ramps. Q-music’s imaging is complemented every month with a package of the renowned Brandy power intros.

“Phat shit!” was the first reaction of the Q-DJ’s when they heard the new jingle package. Discover what it’s all about in the attached demos. Log on to

Demo 1:

Demo 2:

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