Puissance Production, French Radios All Dress-Up for winter.

This summer the producers of Puissance Production had quite some work to do: more than sixty jingles packages in three months. New members entered the team, with new singers and new voices.

As always, this summer many of the most important radios in France trusted Puissance Production in creating custom jingles packages MFM, KISS FM, RADIO STAR or RTS. The studio likes to travel, this time, producers has land in Morocco’s number one hit radio for commercial ad, and all the way to Guinea with an exclusive imaging package for Radio Espace Guinea.

All the team at Puissance Production would like to thank those radios who trust the studio for creating for them the best jingles package. This fall, there will be more surprises but for now here is some of the jingles made this summer.

Puissance Production contacts: www.puissanceproduction.fr arno@puissanceproduction.fr


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