TFM Radio 2011 from TM Studios

Some time ago, TM Studios brought you Today’s Favourite Music for TFM Radio. And now, Teesside’s TFM have come back for more.

Four years on, TFM Radio 2011 comes with 9 new cuts in a variety of themes to provide your station with fresh imaging along with the usual mixouts.

TFM’s 2007 package was a big hit from TM with it being resung for Radio Limfjord Denmark, Moja Live Germany, Delta Radio in Haslemere, and Radio Silverstone, Max 94.5 Thailand and a whole lot more. Hopefully the 2011 update will prove as popular.

TFM Radio 2011

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    […] to the TFM packages KZPT had resung from 2011 and […]

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