Uckfield FM Jingles And More TM Studios Resings

Ignite Jingles has just posted the jingle package for Uckfield FM, a resing from an original TM Studios package for Kingdom FM 2010.

Here is what the team at Ignite Jingles had to say:

“We do a lot of work with Uckfield FM; they’re one of the UK’s finest community radio stations.

Not only do they have an excellent team of volunteers, they care about the area they broadcast to and they sound great!

Naturally, the jingles are great too… these are resings of the Kingdom FM 2010 package and we love them.”

Check out more at http://www.IgniteJingles.com

The Uckfield FM package is just one of the many resings just recently published by Ignite Jingles. Listen all of these syndicated packages below.

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