Invitation to bid for new BBC 6 Music Package

Chris Reay is inviting interested parties to submit bids to produce the new sound of 6 Music.

They accepting pitches for this project until 5pm 22nd March 2013 and Chris advises it would be helpful if you could send notification of your intention to pitch in advance to

More details can be found here –

Our ambition is to create a clean, stripped-back, organic sound rooted in the music played on 6 Music.

We’re looking for a news bed suite and unique set of production elements to brand the network. These should have an air of confidence, be simple to use and aid the flow of the presentation.

The music must reflect the credible nature of 6 Music.

News comes in 3 parts which must all hard-mix sequentially into each other.
1. News In and Headline bed
2. Main Bulletin Bed
3. Newsout Stab

It must driving and reflect the musical credentials of BBC Radio 6 Music.

These should originate from a combination of real and electronic instrumentation which is rooted in the music 6 Music plays. We’re looking for an analogue feel with a retro electronic twist.

Elements should be distinctive, innovative and of the highest quality. The package of elements will be a mixture of individual SFX and soundscapes with rhythmic parts for us to mix as imaging
for Top of Hours and Newsouts.

The ability to differentiate the sounds from SFX packages already available is key.

It is anticipated the package will consist of;
1 x News Heads + Main Bulletin Bed + Newsout
60 x Production Elements

To be considered for this project, please compile a demo on audio CD or mp3 of;
1.Production Elements – 5-10 examples of varying intensity and impact. We are happy to supply dry VO for your demo.
2. News In and Headline Bed.

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