Ryan on the Radio interviews Steve Pigott

Step back to February 14th, Ryan on the Radio posted his interview with Steve Pigott (of Pure Tonic and ReelWorld fame)

Episode 54 brings me to a guest I have been interested in speaking with for a WHILE. He tells me I pulled him out of a 5 or so year interview blackout so that is cool! Steve Pigott is well known globally for his radio branding skills on the creative side and on the business side. He started like most anyone at a local station quickly rising to Director of Creative at the legendary Kiss 100 London. He also started Pure Tonic a highly respected radio branding company and soon launched Production Vault via ReelWorld. That eventually led him to the CEO post at RW. He is now out in the wild and I grabbed about an hour of his time.

Check out part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE over on RyanOnTheRadoio.com

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