Radio Renascença Gospel Jingles from Wise Buddah

Portugal’s privately owned commercial station Radio Renascença have launched a brand new Breakfast Gospel ID, produced by Wise Buddah Jingles. Originally written for Germany’s Antenne Eins, the track underwent a Portuguese transformation including main vocals from a lead singer of the London-based musical We Will Rock You..

“Mornings are so much more energetic since the launch of our new breakfast jingle…It definitely makes it easier to wake up and get out of bed!” Programme Director Dina Isobel

“It’s been great fun re-singing this cut for one of Portugal’s most popular stations. We hope the vibrancy and energy helps banish the morning blues and gets you ready to kick start the day!” Wise Buddah’s Paul Plant

Twitter (@wbjingles) / YouTube (wisebuddahjmi)

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