The Imaging Days: the event for Radio Imaging Directors and Producers

AMSTERDAM – On Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th September 2014 The Imaging Days will take place for the first time, the only event in the world for Imaging Directors and Producers. The Imaging Awards will bring the event to a close on Tuesday 9th.

During the two days about twenty international professionals will discuss all aspects of radio-imaging in “De Nieuwe Liefde” in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Chris Hartgers (Radio 538, NL), Niels Franken (Radio 538, NL), Arjan van Lierop (Sky Radio) and Guido Sprenger (Radio Veronica, NL) will do some exclusive sessions during The Imaging Days.

Station Director of Sky Radio Uunco Cerfontaine has been pretty busy for the last three years with the format change of the station. A huge change, where not only the music format was adapted, but also the imaging of Sky Radio . During his session, he will share this radical process and you’ll hear Sky Radio imaging through the last 26 years. Giel Beelen (3FM, NL) and Jeroen ‘jingles’ van Inkel (Q -Music, NL) will talk about their radioprogramma vs. imaging. During the coming weeks more international speakers will be announced.

The number of tickets for The Imaging Days is limited, so interested Imaging Directors/producers are advised to register quickly on Follow on Twitter @TheImagingDays and Like on

ReelWorld, The Radio Imaging Library and Capital of Media are the first premium partners of The Imaging Days 2014.

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    […] Also, a terrific resource I encourage my clients to use is Joe Sabah’s How to Get on Radio Talk Shows All Across America, a how-to book and CD of national radio producers. […]

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