New venue and pricing for The Imaging Days

AMSTERDAM – The Imaging Days team was already certain the event was a great idea, but we’re getting so many great responses to the initiative, we decided to change our location. We’re moving The Imaging Days event to ”De Lichtfabriek,” one of Holland’s most creative industrial centers. De Lichtfabriek is based in Haarlem, close to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Anthony Timmers, (The Imaging Days): ”I’m probably the most happy person on the globe at this moment. Really proud of the event, all positive e-mails about The Imaging Days are creating a big smile on my face. Today, we closed the deal with our new venue: De Lichtfabriek. It’s an amazing location in Haarlem that gives us exactly what we want for our new event. It’s bigger and better! Because it’s just minutes away from Amsterdam, you can still do all the things our capital is famous for. Thanks to our sponsors (ReelWorld, Wise Buddah and Capital of Media), the amount of tickets we’ve sold so far and our new venue De Lichtfabriek, we’re also able to change the pricing of the tickets. So, from today we have a new and lower price for The Imaging Days tickets! Tickets are available on our website,”

Mick de Vlieger (De Lichtfabriek): ”We are very happy to be the new venue of The Imaging Days! A unique event, at our unique location with a creative, distinctive, industrial feel. Just like the world of radio-imaging, almost everything is possible at De Lichtfabriek. We look forward to this fantastic event!”

The Imaging Days will take place on the 8th and 9th of September. This is THE exclusive event for all Imaging Directors, Producers and Program Directors. If you love sound, create sound or work with people who do, you really can’t miss it. The Imaging Days will bring you two days full of audio, the latest plugins, creative production techniques, layer-by-layer Pro Tools talk-thru sessions and jingle composing. Of course during The Imaging Days you’ll have enough time to finally meet ‘the people like you’ to talk, learn and have fun.

More than twenty speakers are doing sessions: Chris Hartgers (Radio 538, NL), Niels Franken (Radio 538, NL), Arjan van Lierop (Sky Radio, NL), Guido Sprenger (Radio Veronica, NL), Valerie Geller (Geller Media, USA), Chris Nicoll (Capital FM, UK), Simon Palframan (Kiss FM, UK), Nathan Freeman (BBC Radio 6, UK), George Taylor (IMGR), David Wartnaby (Stationvoice of Heart, UK), Marc Vickers (Wise Buddah), Ivo Samponius (Public Radio, NL), James Stodd (JACKfm, UK), Dan Mumford (BBC Radio 1, UK), Ryan Drean (TM Studios,, Uunco Cerfontaine (Sky Radio, NL), Andy Jackson (ReelWorld), Lenja Faraguna (Radio Fashion) and Markus Kahn (BCI, Ger).

Wanna hear the stories and strategies from some of the best producers in the business – but meet loads of (new) radio people with a passion for creative audio production? Don’t miss The Imaging Days! For tickets, go to and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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