Brandy Power Intros Conquer Europe

It’s a challenge to find the common denominator between the song and the station’s image for each power intro. It requires a great deal of creativity, time and resources. But stations with power intros the Brandy way simply stand out.

— Tom Van der Biest (Creative Director at Brandy)

Bayern 1 in Germany and Frekvence 1 in the Czech Republic have recently begun to programme power intros that are produced by BRANDY, the Belgian jingle producer. A good 10 years ago, BRANDY breathed new life into the ‘power intro’ concept and gave this branding tool a contemporary interpretation with tailor-made vocal arrangements.

Bayern 1 and Frekvence 1 have previously called on Brandy for their jingles and are now adding the power intros. For the first time, the Brandy format is receiving German and Czech vocals – and the reactions are extremely positive. Both stations will soon add additional tracks to their portfolios.

Power intros have again become trendy since Q-music started using them in Belgium and the Netherlands. Each month since its launch, the station chooses new tracks from its own branding formula.

Here’s how power intros sound in German:

And in Czech:

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