Sicky FX Glide 2 on Spree Radio

Just a few weeks after being released the new FX package by Sticky FX called Glide 2 is spreading through the airwaves of AC and Hot AC stations all over the world. For example 105’5 Spree Radio in Berlin, Germany again chooses for the classy sounds of Sticky FX.

Andreas Wilke, Head of production tells: “Here at 105’5 Spreeradio we are using Sticky FX since 2012. After the Glide and Pink Noise libraries, the guys at sticky fx now came up with the Glide 2 fx library, which offers a great variety of new production effects.”

The reason for choosing Glide 2 as well as its predecessor at Spree Radio is simple explains Head of On air promotion Alexander Breest: “In 2012 we started shifting our musical focus from oldie-based AC to AC. We were looking for new station voices and a fresh sound design. As we were searching for new imaging tools which were not already used by competitors in Berlin – which is Europe’s toughest radio market – we came across Sticky FX’s Glide and were amazed right away.”

The new Glide 2 library which is tailor made for AC formats has 170 FX & Work Parts conveniently categorized in 5 folders. From subtle Impacts to fresh Starters. And from beautiful Musical Elements to short Blips & Pops. And of course lots and lots of Whooshes.

Andreas Wilke of Spree Radio agrees: “It offers a wide variety of cool production tools which come along in different folders so that you can easily find the elements you need in any given production. Sticky FX helped us a lot keeping our productions sound fresh and rejuvenating our music format. We’re sticking to Sticky!”

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