New set of themes for Absolute Radio

Absolute Radio from Wise Buddah
Absolute Radio from Wise Buddah

Wise Buddah has just completed a new set of themes for Absolute Radio. The new package retains the current sonic logo and comprises of ten main ID’s, show specific themes, news, travel, and sport beds.

Absolute Radio is a national, radio station for real fans of real music, comedy and football wrapped up with lashings of personality and mischief from DJs like Christian O’Connell, Frank Skinner, Geoff Lloyd and Ian Wright who have the freedom to say what they think and tell it like it is.

The new package was crafted by WB’s Jem Godfrey who for many reasons was over the moon about the project…

“My radio career began within the walls of One Golden Square in the 90s as a trainee Production Assistant. I remember carting up the TM Century jingle package we had and thinking…one day, I’d like to be a jingle writer and do the jingles for this place.

Admittedly 22 years is perhaps slightly longer than I was anticipating, but it’s literally something of a dream come true to finally get the chance to close the circle. I’ve loved every minute of making this package”.

The package was designed to work with the current sonic logo but to also move things on in terms of some of the more contemporary artists on the play list as Deputy Content Director for Absolute Radio Paul Sylvester explains:

“Absolute Radio is where real music matters – and we wanted imaging which would fit the station’s attitude, style and importantly, with the songs we play. The Wise Buddah team did a superb job of creating idents which sound like real music and not jingles, while also delivering functional, usable imaging. It’s a really difficult trick to pull off, and the package they’ve delivered is much better than we’d ever imagined. The results show the benefit of an effective collaboration – matching the skills of Jem Godfrey as a composer and producer with the programming team’s requirements. It sounds bright, uplifting and refreshing on-air.”

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