A new Dutch Sound from BreezeBox

Holland’s rising radio star, XTRARADIO Dance is one of the newest stations on the market. As a part of the XTRARADIO Group it covers all aspects of EDM culture and gives a futuristic fresh new look of today’s dance radio format.

BreezeBox produced a new custom ID package that features eight extremely powerful IDs blending perfectly into any style of EDM subgenre. All IDs are immensely flexible to mix with while keeping the flow of the playlist intact.

Patrick Van Den Hoek, Station Manager XTRARADIO said “It was an exceptional experience to work with the team from BreezeBox. They’ve understood what we needed in a matter of hours and gave us the first demos next day. Our main goal was to have a flawless, yet powerful imaging where we could blend one style of EDM to the next and glue our music together. When we listened and tested the cuts on air we knew that was the sound we’ve been looking for. Incredible job guys! Thank you!”

For more information check out breezeboximaging.com or e-mail Rade Santrac, Sales Manager at rade@breezeboximaging.com for details about your next jingle package.

Meet BreezeBox at The Imaging Days 2015 in The Netherlands between October 5th and 6th. They will be there to share the insights about the ways their production brings the innovations into radio imaging.

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