Iceland’s Dutch Radio Jingles

Fairy-like landscapes, steamy hot springs and the cutest population of little puffins. The impressive island state of Iceland really has it all! The Dutch Sound & Jingle creators, Top Format, experienced it all, during the native Icelandic jingle production in the capital city Reykjavik.

Now, at the 1st of June the National Icelandic Broadcasting Service (RÚV) added a Dutch statement to the radio landscape. The new jingles for the highest-rated radio station in the market: RÁS 2 (Channel 2).

Frank Hall, program director of RÚV: “Our radio station is quite unorthodox, with a very broad demographic (25-60), music enthusiasts, urban and rural. The work and communication have been very professional. And evenmore: the tracks Top Format created are ‘spot on’ and make us sound like a million dollars, very pro!”

Dave Albers, creative director of Top Format: “Thrilled to work for such a respected brand as RÁS 2. In our long distance relationship the new approach of creating jingles succeeded. We payed close attention to the variety of music styles, local influences, worked with a new generation of live musicians, formed ánd recorded Native vocalists in Reykjavik: the cooperation with RÚV makes us feel like proud Dutch pioneers.”

Rás 2 commissioned Top Format Productions to create a serie of 11 custom made jingles. Each composition is mixed as a Full Ramp, Basic ID, Shotgun and Rapid Fire.

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