ReelWorld Fuzion lands in Spain

For over 20 years ReelWorld has focused on evolving the sound of radio jingles and imaging. This obsession led them to create Fuzion, a new category of audio branding. High impact short-form IDs that harness the proven recall of a sung melody without sounding like a traditional jingle.

The new package is now on air in Barcelona at RAC 105. Station Manager Juan Guilarte explains:

“RAC 105 needed a change. It went from an AC to a CHR station and that change needed to be done not only with changing the music but changing the whole imaging. ReelWorld offered us the best solution. The stand out sound we needed to give us this 180º turn and change listener perceptions of our brand. The new package helps us to keep the station to the same level, keeping the perfect rhythm between the songs, with the feeling of non-stop music, precisely what we were looking for. ReelWorld are always going a step ahead and the new sound they have created with this jingles is, by far, the most modern and breakthrough on the market. The experience of working with ReelWorld has been very satisfying and fluid. They take care of all the details and always deliver the jingles sounding great and on time.”

ReelWorld Fuzion is already on air at Kiss UK and Atlanta’s Power 96.1 as well as select stations in Australia, the Middle East and Europe. To hear more of Fuzion visit

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