Dublin’s 98FM launch new “Sound of the City” created by Wisebuddah

98FM have a new sonic identity from Wisebuddah designed to stand-out in the Dublin market.

The producers behind the sound of the Netherland’s Radio 538 and BBC Radio 1’s influential “Where it Begins” package teamed up to create a clean, sharp sound which builds on 98FM’s award winning imaging while moving beyond the standard sound of a traditional radio jingle.

This was achieved using a collage of sung and spoken voices to capture and represent the identity of 98FM’s listeners and introduces a new sonic logo which combines a memorable melody with cutting edge sound design.

Dom Scott, Business Relations Executive, Wisebuddah said “98FM asked us to produce something unique which pushes the boundaries of radio imaging and our creative team have delivered. The package draws on the production techniques of our recent CHR work while remaining fully focused on 98FM’s format and listenership.

Pat Gill, Head of Imaging and Production at 98FM added “We have really enjoyed working closely with the team at Wisebuddah to create a new sonic identity for 98FM that sets us apart from other stations in Dublin. The vocals were recorded here in the 98FM studios with local Dublin singers to capture the real “Sound of the City”. We’re delighted with the results.”

To hear the 98FM package, visit: LINK

Wisebuddah have recently completed new packages for Fun Radio (France), N-Joy (Germany), Virgin Radio International and BBC Radio 2 (UK).

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