RFM France switch to “awesome” new ReelWorld jingle package

French national broadcaster RFM has begun airing a brand new ReelWorld custom jingle package.

The AC station began a partnership with the US and UK based production company last year, but this new jingle package is a custom package tailored specifically to their needs.

RFM Production Director, Pascal Lefebvre said: “For this package we needed transition jingles to allow us to switch from one musical style to another without breaking musical fluidity. ReelWorld made it happen. Wow, they really are awesome!”

Lush vocals, live instruments, and that unmistakable ReelWorld sound combine in a package that is the perfect branding solution for adult contemporary radio.

ReelWorld’s French branding ambassador David Tartar added: “It’s cool to hear these jingles blending so well with the playlist. Reflecting the DNA of the station values in the audio branding is always our prime objective.”

The ReelWorld team (far right) with the 3 vocalists (from the left) and Pascal from RFM at the vocal session earlier this year

ReelWorld RFM 2018 is available for syndication outside of France now. Get in touch via reelworld.com to discuss your audio branding needs.

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