Contraband Media present Retro FM

New custom Jingles have been composed for Retro FM with vocals recorded in Sweden. The team delivered a package of 10 themes covering Motown, Disco, Retro Rock and 80s Pop!

Peter Malmqvist, Retro FM said “Retro FM is a modern station playing oldies which the guys at Contraband Media have skillfully managed to capture. Our Jingles sound contemporary and ”today” while still matching the songs from ”yesterday” making us sound fresh and exciting. The production skills are second to none; just what you expect from these imaging wizards, we’re delighted with our new Jingle package!”

Small Paul, Contraband Music Media Director: “It was a pleasure working on this package. The challenge was writing music with the perfect balance of old and new. Tracks that would fit the retro format of the station, but at the same time making them sound contemporary and in keeping with today’s modern music production. We’re delighted with the end result.”

This year has been fantastic for Contraband Media. The have worked on new BBC projects, custom iingle packages and more to be announced soon…

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