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Bauer City

Bauer City 2 Bespoke Jingle Package

Bauer City 2 is a network of 15 local radio stations in Scotland and northern England, owned and operated by Bauer Radio. The stations, which carry separate localised branding, air a networked schedule of classic hits music, alongside local news...

Bespoke Music

New Service and £99 Jingles from Bespoke Music

After 25 years in the industry Bespoke Music is one of the UK’s established jingle and music imaging houses, composing jingles and beds for many of the radio industry’s major players, including BBC, Bauer Media, Global Radio, GMG Radio, UKRD...

Sung Jingles for £99 from The Bespoke Music Company

Sung Jingles for £99 from The Bespoke Music Company

For the month of October 2009 – we are offering a very special price on Bespoke Music resings. For a stagering £99 each you can choose from many of the cuts created by The Bespoke Music Company over the years....