Sung Jingles for £99 from The Bespoke Music Company

For the month of October 2009 – we are offering a very special price on Bespoke Music resings. For a stagering £99 each you can choose from many of the cuts created by The Bespoke Music Company over the years.

And – for the first time ever – we can now offer resings of the Real Radio 2008 package.

Spread the word, tell your friends, grab yourself or your station one cut, two cuts, or more. Pre-payment is required and this offer is only valid for low-power radio stations. This includes community radio, hospital radio, student radio, RSL and online stations.

Production Park Bespoke Music Company

Now is the perfect time to order a Full Station ID Package from Production Park, and include a couple of sung jingles for a lot less than you can imagine. Log on now to

Production Park, The Bespoke Music Company Demo

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11 Responses

  1. James says:

    Hard Times eh…

    What with real radio and everyone else moving away from Bespoke…

    It sounds too good to be trut.. most likely is.. where PP is concerned..

    £99 for what exactly? ‘Jingles’ means more the one…several, its plural..

    So how many do you get for £99 ??

    Or is this another missleading advert like the one of 2008.

  2. Drew says:

    Oh come on 😉

    If someone said “James – did you know you can get laptops for 300 quid?”, you’d be unlikely to reply “but how many laptops for 300 quid?”.

    T-shirts for a tenner, CDs for a fiver, new cars from 4995 on the road – you know it means “one from a selection available for/from that price”. In this case you can choose from a range of jingles. Nothing misleading about that.

    But if we’re playing pedantry I will say I do like the use of the verb “stagering” – it’s like a new term for production folk meaning “to make a stager”

  3. Guy’s for our 2008 refresh we grabbed a Bespoke Music sung ID via Roy @ Production park, this is 100% a cotia thing as I’ve made a purchase previously !

    I had the TOH from Real Radio’s 2006 (?) package sung, and a bloody good job they did too, tho I only got an mp3 version thru I got back to Bespoke who very kindly supplied master WAV files the next day !!!

    Looking at the deal here Real Radio cuts from their last Bespoke package are available, they were not before. Cool !

  4. joost says:

    that’s a good deal!
    i find bespoke music jingles very feel good.

  5. Dave says:

    No you don’t. You collect travel beds and cause mischief. We all know who you are, [name removed by request]. You’re a vindictive pain in the arse. And don’t go running to Trading Standards again like you did about Jinglemad – try growing up instead.

    • Barry says:

      I think these jingles would sound better if they used singers who can sing…

      The beds are ok ..not great but for 99 quid a good deal if you turn the speakers off .

  6. James says:

    Well funnily enough in 2008 PP were repremaned about using the word ‘jingles’ when they were only offering a single item.

    Its missleading under the Consumer Protection from unfair trading 2008.

    And PP have been told to reframe from staging adverts like this and that they must be clear and direct.

    Oh and just for the record I work for Trading Standards 🙂

  7. Grammatically Correct Pete says:

    cotia – is that nursery school phonetic for ‘kosher’ then?

  8. Drew says:

    Oh good heavens – I should have recognised the hallmarks. (or “reconised” as [name removed by request] often writes!)

    So legendary troll [name removed by request] now claims to be “James”, working for Trading Standards and uses words like “repremaned” and “missleading”?

    Last time I heard from him he was “Adam” at Sky News telling me that someone was using my jingles. The email ended: “PS I love your voice! and you look nice too!! I want some voiceovers from you too! Please!”

  9. Guys we’re into November now but just as a footnote from me/us I’ve bagged 2 cuts from Real Radio 2008 for use on our sister station flamin’GOOD radio 🙂 And to put the record straight 2 cuts (plus all the mixes) cost just … £198 so … The price was right per cut 🙂 And from my opinion as someone who is very fussy about what jingles they use, the female voice most associated with Bespoke Music cuts is actually very good, her work for out VIBE cut was spot on, I’m awaiting the other cuts @ the mo but sure they will be just as good … Box Projects did the October ’09 package for non-stop:VIBE, a British company who resung the Andover Sound package for us. UK vocals but some fab work indeed 🙂 Before that I was exclusively TM (via iJingles) loved the Dallas sound but these UK companies have really swayed my opinion back to our green & pleasant land 🙂

  10. Someone Else says:

    Saw that our fave troll “friend” Matt Toomer, or Matt James, or James, has had his name removed….just wanted to add it back in for Google purposes 🙂 and direct you to where his real name and fake name will be seen on the same page. He forgot to fake it up properly. All the stuff there should be taken with a large spoonful of sodium chloride too.

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