The New Reelworld Impacts Now

Today came the day that Reelworld launched their new site and 6 brand-spakin’ new jingle packages for Bob FM, Kiss 107, WLIT, Z100 & WKTU. You might say that that’s only 5 stations but Z100, being the big station they are, needed 2 packages.

The following’s taken from Reelworld’s Summer 2005 newsletter;

With a budget of well over 1.4 million nickels, 27 cases of Crunk and the help of award-winning webmasters 2Advanced, we�ve created a monster. Groove to our new, expanded jingle playout system! Create your own custom �U-Mix-It� music transitions! Experience the luxury of our now fully searchable catalog (search instantly by station calls or date)! Thrill to the all new Flash animations! Surf � click � play � and then kindly buy something as this cost us a big mound o� cash. Go now!!!

After 10 years of the infamous ReelWorld spinning globe logo, we decided to practice what we preach and re-image ourselves! Yes, we upgraded to a musical note in a circle with some zappers. �It�s… iconic!� – Donald Trump

You want jingles�and you want them NOW . That�s why ReelWorld have created the fastest, easiest and best way for you to grab your freshly baked new jingle package: download it! In just a few clicks, your entire jingle package is on your hot little hard drive � sliced, diced, neatly labeled and ready to rock. No more waiting for Mr. FedEx Man, no more manually importing audio CD�s, no more hassles… just instant jingle gratification!

It�s 3AM on a holiday weekend, your hard drive just fried and the outgoing production guy trashed your CD masters. Not to worry � in just moments, you can download your missing jingle cuts from our secure online server, anytime, anywhere. And after you take delivery; your cuts are archived and accessible for the rest of your life, their life, or the life of our server!

With all of this new stuff, it�s good to know that some things about ReelWorld Productions WON �T be changing anytime soon… or ever. For 10 years running, ReelWorld have been the world�s preeminent broadcast imaging experts � leading the way in creating an unbreakable bond between brand and customer. We�ve assisted radio stations around the world in creating tactical audio imaging solutions that build brand equity for today and the future. Ask any of our satisfied clients, and you�ll know what we mean. Bottom line: We won�t rest until you are 100% satisfied!

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