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Monday morning next sees the start of a brand new breakfast show on 2FM. The boss at 2FM didn’t think Rick and Ruth lived up to their expectations so they were binned and Marty Whelan is taking over from 7am on Monday morning.

The new show promises that ‘mornings in Ireland will never be the same again, as Marty Whelan takes over Irelands Number One Morning Show.’

To celebrate the new show 2FM have gotten a new jingle for Marty created by Music4. A contact tells me that it’s a ‘Big production piece … spectacularly made …will sound brilliant.’

I, for one, can’t wait to hear this. Maybe it’s something like they did for Chris Moyles first breakfast show back in January 2004.

Edit: I just got confirmation that it’s a resing of the Steve Power at Breakfast themes Music 4 did for Wave 105 earlier this year.

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