KFKF 2005… from JAM!

Those of us in the know knew that JAM were planning on adding new demos to their site early in January but were skeptical as to whether this would happen or not. Then last Wednesday ‘Country Proud‘ for KFKF, KS appeared on their site.

Here’s what some JingleMad.com members had to say about it;

MarcMannetje, who broke the news on JingleMad about the package being online, added that ‘the package for KFKF has the same logo melody as old time country cuts for KUSA and KSON. The fact that JAM cleaned up the ‘Latest Releases’-block indicates we can expect more new work the next months. ‘

Jeremy Richardson who lives in Kansas City posted some off-air cuts on JingleMad.com back in September ‘even had the name of the package right, what a guess!’

David Barras, long time JAM fan, said ‘As far as JAM goes, lets hope that “Latest Release” block starts filling up with more ear-candy.’

The conversation then moved to more demos that should be released from JAM soon. jlehmann got the ball rolling with WNIC 2005 and the last WCBS-FM package. TOH added WABC 2004 and WMEE 2005. Then MarcMannetje added the mother load – WMGC 2001, WMGC 2002, WLYF 2003 and KOST 2005. That’s 8 packages that have not yet appeared on the JAM site but that will appear soon hopefully.

But for now check out the KFKF ‘Country Proud’ 2005 from JAM and you won’t be disappointed.

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