ReelWorld 2006: Sneak Peak!

ReelWorld’s just given all their clients and fans a preview of what’s to come in 2006 in the form of a montage of Kiss Boston ’06, WCTO ’06 and Key 103 ’06 which are all due for release in January next.

Kiss Boston ’06: the next generation of cuts for Boston’s #1 Hit Music Station. Hotter, catchier and sexier than ever before!

WCTO ’06: taking the now legendary ‘Cat Country’ logo and propelling it into the New Year. Country jingles don’t get any catchier.

Key 103 ’06: it’s been five years since our original Key 103 package, so another musical monster was long overdue!

2006 should be a great year for ReelWorld with all the packages due to be released… 3 more country package and Lite FM, NY to name but two going live over the next 6 months. Click here to go directly to the ReelWorld site and listen to the montage of their new projects.

4 Responses

  1. Kiss Boston 06! Should be great! What’s in those three packages?

  2. Tyler says:

    I was crazy impressed with the Key 103 preview…the harmony included is insane and meshed perfectly with the vocals. I can’t wait to hear this one full….
    As for the Kiss package, just my personal opinion, but it sounds a tad empty or a little too less? I was thinking it could use more punch…

  3. Don’t fink so. The WCTO JINGLE Package has A group with a solo that sounds grate!my bestcomment so far!

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