Top News #2 – Feb ’06

From the one and only jingle villa in the Netherlands, here is lots of jingle news that is truly reverberating around the world!

Radio Veronica (NL) | CHR Jingles

Radio Veronica (NL) has revived the 1980s. Especially for the 80’s Top 880, Top Format composed a custom jingle package using a live brass section, live guitars and amazing vocals.

Radio Veronica (NL) | CHR Jingles

Last February, Radio Veronica’s Ferry Maat was presented the prestigious Golden Harp award for his entire radio career. Maat is famous for his unique use of jingles. He listens to the key at the end and start of the music and then looks for the right jingle. For Ferry Maat’s popular afternoon show ‘Maat in the Afternoon’, Top Format composed a complete custom package with live instrumentation. Yes, indeedÂ….. uniquely for Ferry Maat.

The 1st Top Format package in China!

Shen Yang Communication Radio (China)

The first Dutch jingle package in Beijing is a fact. For Shen Yang Media Group in Beijing, China, we produced a totally Cantonese jingle package. Top Format arranged for the casting of Chinese native singers. The new jingles provided by Shen Yang were created on the basis of the Donna 2002 package. A unique result with which Shen Yang in Beijing once more addresses his target group and makes a statement in his broadcasting area.

Station imaging for Veronica 80’s Top 880 | Hot AC Sweepers

What’s the difference between station imaging and jingles? Hear the distinction on Radio Veronica. Specially for the 80’s Top 880, the radio station used Top Format’s lightning-speed fingers and eccentric ears to give the Netherlands’ 80’s hit parade sweep starters, talk beds and production elements. The ultimate tools for the 80’s Top 880 by Top Format: true design as it was meant to be!

Kiss FM (Portugal) | CHR Jingles

Top News #1 already reported on the new CHR jingles for Magic FM in Romania, part of SBS Broadcasting. Things can move quickly. Right after the online publication of the Magic FM demo the polyphonic red telephone rang at Top Format. Kiss FM in Portugal immediately ordered the complete jingle package that the Top Format night shift proceeded to record and mix.

Radio Bylgjans (Iceland) | CHR Jingles

Radio Bylgjans (The Wave) is Iceland’s popular CHR station. Together with Radio Bylgjans’ Danish consultant, Top Format selected some 20 of Music 4’s Capital FM series jingles. Top Format’s casting department arranged for a choir straight from Iceland. You can now hear all of Radio Bylgjans’ jingles.

Sky Radio (NL) | Hot AC Jingles

Sky Radio guarantees its audience that they will never play the same song twice anytime between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays. This claim can be heard in the design and, of course, in the Sky Radio jingles: “All day long, never the same song”. The new jingles were recorded with the familiar Sky Radio choir, partly in the US and partly in the Netherlands.

FREE Jingles!

Free jingles? It’s possible! At the end of 2005 Top Format organized the first On Air Design Award. This award was presented to focus attention on the designs of local public broadcasting companies in the Netherlands by having a professional jury scrutinize them and thus encourage new talent. According to the jury, broadcasting company Venlo reflected their local character well by using local dialect in the station’s design. Besides receiving the certificate, Venlo visited Top Format’s studio for its first prize: the production of a completely new jingle package. Not surprisingly, the jingles were sung in 100% local dialect.


We at Top Format are currently working on a variety of new projects. Unfortunately we cannot name all the new productions yet or let you hear them. But you will certainly read and hear more in Top News #3 about the new jingles and the design of:

STAR FM | AC Jingles, BNR (Business News Radio, NL) | NEWS / Hot AC Jingles

And much more news from Poland, the Netherlands and Germany. To be continued in the Top News #3 edition!

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