CKOI Images with Studios Peak… for the Sixth Time!!

Studios Peak, specialist in radio imaging since 2001, is proud to announce that for the sixth year in a row, their contract with CKOI has been renewed to design their fall’s radio packaging. For the first time, the radio station managed by Corus Radio show their complete trust in Studios Peak by granting them an exclusive agreement.

The large Corus Radio’s family recently moved in their new locals at Place Bonaventure -–the largest radio’s surface in Canada. Thanks to the exclusive agreement granted to Studios Peak, CKOI are assured to have uniformity in the station’s sound. “In the course of the last few years, Studios Peak stood out by their creativity and by the quality of their productions” stated Pascal Vanasse, Program Assistant Director at CKOI.

Michel Labrecque, Studios peak’s President considers that this is a demonstration of the trust that highlights the excellent working relation that his team of designers has been able to establish with CKOI during the years of their collaboration. “This is an honor for Studios Peaks to have been granted the exclusivity ’s sound design since it is such a renowned station. The Peak’s Family already has plenty of ideas for personalized themes and original jingles that will make of CKOI’s sound an element strong and unique on the radio waves in Quebec.” As a coincidence, it has to be pointed out that Michel Labrecque started his sound designer career in 1998 with CKOI until 2001 when he decided to join Peak.

CKOI’s Identity jingles and new broadcast themes will be on the air as soon as this coming fall.

Studios Peak are also busy at designing radio identity for many radio stations in Quebec for the fall season come back. Namely, some of these radio stations are O 97,3 in Victoriaville, Passion Rock in Thetford Mines, G-Rock in Sherbrooke, CHGA in Maniwaki, CIME in the Laurentides region and 93,3 in Quebec City.

You won’t believe what your ears will see!

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