Original 106 from Wise Buddah

Wise Buddah have put the cuts for their new package for Original 106 on their website. This six theme package also consists of a TOH and news, sport and travel beds.

Programme Director John Evington had to say; Imaging is central to any radio station’s on-air sound – it’s the equivalent of the décor of a club – and if it’s not right it shows. I was determined that Original 106 should launch as a polished, professional product built around strong imaging.

Wise Buddah made a great first impression by turning my brief round within three days. Their demo which contained a strong and impactful seven-note sonic logo immediately blew me away and the package we received is exactly what I envisaged for the Original brand; a set of themes in different styles and tempos mirroring the sounds in our quite varied musical repertoire.

The process was enjoyable from beginning to end thanks to the skills and professionalism of the Wise Buddah team.

Check out the cuts in the clear and listen to the demo now at WiseBuddah.com.

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