Production Vault

Creatively directed by award-winning, UK-based imaging Producer Steve Pigott (Kiss 100 London) and Mike Thomas, (Founding Partner of jingle ID powerhouse Reelworld) Production Vault is a new direction in radio imaging.

We feature Plug and Play sweepers, Branded Song intros, Custom Music Beds featuring a wide variety of musical styles, Artist Drops, Listener Testimonials, Winners, Pop Culture and musical samples, Spoken Letters and Numbers, Show Opens, Instrumentals and Acapellas to virtually all of the current playlist tracks, and many other types of unique, specialized workparts.

Production Vault is updated on a daily rotating schedule to ensure an organic, ever-increasing library of workparts to satisfy the appetites of the most content-hungry producers.

Production Vault is designed to have its content produced and created by many different ‘suppliers’. Our philosophy is to capture “the best of the best” from a list of imaging ‘super producers’ around the planet.

During our initial research period, we encountered a common complaint – “similar services greatly lack in the quality and quantity of their updates”. It would appear that after initially downloading the entire library from many of these services, the updates can be very limited, one dimensional, and consistently unimpressive.

We feel that this is a direct result of these services being either “side projects” for otherwise busy producers or are fueled by one producer who can easily become creatively overworked over time.

We believe that by not forcing any single producer to be responsible for a massive quantity of updates during the week, but rather dispersing the creation process over a team and thus reducing the quantity any one person is responsible for, we create an environment that generates a much higher volume of A-list masterpiece production.

The end result is Production Vault – the ultimate imaging experience!

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  1. June 3, 2009

    […] launched in 2006, the sole purpose of Production Vault was to provide radio stations with hte most incredible array […]

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